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natural remedies for covid - eucalyptus
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Natural remedies for healing from Covid

In a time where we are faced with the very real prospect of coming into contact with Covid, it’s best to prepare ourselves for what lies ahead, and implement some practices to both prevent and cure the virus if we encounter it. Natural remedies for Covid include lots of delicious ingredients likely already in your […]

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Healthy Cycle
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Ayurvedic Wisdom for a Healthy Period

So what exactly is a healthy period, and what do we need to do to have one? Known as the world’s oldest system of healthcare, Ayurveda is a body of knowledge that dates back 5000 years to a time when human beings lived in synchronicity with nature and utilised the attributes of certain types of […]

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Ayurvedic lifestyle practices
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Seasonal Practices for Winter (Ritucharya)

Ayurveda provides a wealth of seasonal lifestyle practices or rituals known as ‘Ritucharya’ (‘ritu’ translates to ‘season’, and ‘charya’ to ‘guidelines’) to support us throughout the year, and ensure that we live in accordance with nature. As the natural world begins to slow down, to shed and go inward—it gives us the opportunity to do […]

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Garlic and herbs for immunity
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Boost Your Immune System with Ayurveda

It’s completely natural to feel overwhelmed by the current health crisis the world is experiencing. We are conscious, compassionate, interconnected beings who not only fear for our own health but also for our family and community – which now extends to the far corners of the globe. It’s rare that the world as a whole […]

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