Ayurvedic Rituals

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Ayurvedic Rituals

Wisdom, Recipes and the Ancient Art of Self-Care

This is your introduction and practical guide to Ayurvedic philosophy, showing you how a deep connection to yourself and your natural environment will help achieve harmony in your body and mind. 

In this guide, Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Consultant Chasca Summerville introduces this ancient practice to us in a modern setting. Chasca teaches us how we can achieve optimal health and happiness by tuning into nature and living an Ayurvedic lifestyle: rising daily with the sun, eating a seasonal plant-based diet, using natural/toxin-free personal care products, nurturing our mind and body through meditation & movement, and accessing the apothecary that the plant kingdom offers in abundance. Ayurveda is decadent self-care, it’s for anyone wanting to deepen their yoga or meditation practice and it’s for those who want to achieve a life of great health, deep fulfilment and serenity.

Featuring sumptuous photography, Ayurvedic Rituals includes seasonal recipes, herbal teas, natural beauty recipes, self-care rituals, a plant-based first-aid kit plus methods to reduce stress & anxiety, improve digestion & gut health, and techniques to access deep rejuvenating sleep. Routines and rituals spread throughout the book will help you feel relaxed, happy, healthy and deeply connected to the natural world. This ancient practice will help you find a sense of peace & vitality so you can glow from the inside out.

Ayurvedic Rituals

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208 Pages • Hardcover coffee table book
Chasca Summerville Ayurvedic Practitioner
Ayurvedic Cleanse

Photography by Armelle Habib
Art Direction by Stephanie Stamatis
Book Design by Ashley Simonetto
Published by Hardie-Grant Books
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01 An Invitation to Explore
02 The Science of Life
03 The Doshas
04 Mother Nature + the Seasons
05 The Art of Living
06 Ayurvedic Beauty Essentials

07 Self-Care Rituals
08 Food is Medicine
09 Soul Food
10 Elixirs
11 The Apothecary
~ Ayurvedic Glossary

Chasca Summerville Ayurvedic Practitioner

About the Author

Chasca Summerville

Chasca Summerville is a qualified Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Consultant whose life-long exploration of alternative healing modalities has inspired a vast understanding of holistic wellbeing, the relationship between the mind + body, our connection to nature and natural methods to both prevent and heal disease through diet and lifestyle practices. Chasca is passionate about translating Ayurveda into a language that is accessible for anyone who would like to understand themselves better.

Ayurvedic Rituals

From $26.95 AUD

208 Pages • Hardcover coffee table book

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