Ayurvedic Consultations

personaliSed health & wellbeing planS



Receive a tailored diet & lifestyle plan based upon your constitution and Doshic imbalances designed to create harmony in your body & mind, achieve your desired health goals and bring you into alignment with the Ayurvedic lifestyle. 

Harness a life of ritual and create a rhythm in the kitchen that inspires you to create wholesome, nourishing, medicinal food that heals and prevents disease through every mouthful.

Ayurveda offers us the knowledge to cultivate a life of freedom, health, vitality, creativity and compassion – for ourselves and the planet.


  • Seasonal, plant-based medicinal meals, teas & elixirs.
  • Daily self-care rituals to support detoxification, balance all Doshas and connect with self.
  • Practices to calm the mind, forgive and let go of emotional trauma.
  • Balance the mind, body and soul.

Client Testimonial

Chasca Summerville Ayurvedic Practitioner

Who Should Receive a Consultation?

Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning? Lack the energy to get through the day? Experience sugar-cravings or other addictions? Have trouble sleeping, or eliminating efficiently? Unsure of what, when or how to cook wholesome nutritious food that satisfies your mind, body & soul?

Perhaps you feel like something just isn’t quite right but can’t put your finger on it.

This process will explore the intricacies of your entire being. We will work to uncover the root cause of any imbalances and restore harmony through a personalised treatment plan designed just for you. 

Client Testimonial

Consultation Process

  • Complete a client form exploring your presenting symptoms, medical/family history, diet & lifestyle patterns and health goals.
  • Setup time for either an in-person or online 60 minute session exploring your Treatment Plan. This is an opportunity to discuss specific recommendations and for you to ask any questions that arise.
  • Receive your comprehensive treatment plan tailored for you addressing Doshic imbalances, recommended diet / meal planner, personalised daily rituals suited to your current mental & physical health, instructions for self-care therapies, as well as recommendations for any herbal medicine which may be of use to you.
  • You will then have unlimited email access to stay in touch and ask any questions you may have. 
  • I highly recommend booking in for the ‘consultation package’ which includes a follow up session as this helps you stay accountable and on-track as we slowly integrate the practices suited to you instead of trying to do to much at once. 
  • In-person session available in the Byron Bay region, Gold Coast and seasonally in Sydney & Melbourne. 


$ 140
  • Comprehensive Diet & Lifestyle Treatment Plan
  • Treatment Plan
  • 60 minute session (in-person/Zoom)
  • Unlimited access to email questions & support


$ 250
  • Comprehensive Diet & Lifestyle Treatment Plan plus follow up session.
  • Treatment Plan
  • 60 minute session (in-person/Zoom)
  • Follow up session & revised treatment plan
  • Unlimited access to email questions & support


$ 50/mo
  • Receive a follow up consultation every 3 months (after initial consult).
  • Revised Treatment Plan based on personal & seasonal changes​
  • Unlimited access to email questions & support
  • Accountability often helps us stay on track, show up and put our practice into action.

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