Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Consultations

Receive a personalised health & wellbeing plan to bring your mind, body & soul back into alignment.
Discover your dosha, uncover your imbalances and learn how to be your best self, naturally.
Master the ‘Art of Living’


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    Ancient principles for cultivating a life of liberation, freedom, happiness and health through…

    • Seasonal, plant-based, medicinal recipes & cooking techniques.
    • Daily rituals to support detoxification, balance all doshas and connect with self.
    • Adopt practices to calm the mind, forgive and let go of emotional trauma.
    • Balance the mind, body and soul.

    Discover the tools you need to liberate yourself from social conditioning, body image expectations, restrictive diets, calorie counting, insecurities and low self-esteem.

    Harness a life of ritual and create a rhythm in the kitchen that inspires you to create wholesome, nourishing, medicinal food that both heals and prevents disease through every mouthful.

    Ayurveda offers us the knowledge to cultivate a life of freedom, health, vitality, creativity and compassion – for ourselves, our community, all sentient beings and the planet.



    An Ayurvedic Consultation reviews your current diet + lifestyle practices and offers a holistic approach to cultivating a life of optimum health & wellbeing.

    What we will uncover in your consultation:

    • Presenting symptoms – addressing any form of physical burden you may be experiencing from poor digestion, skin conditions, sleep dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, through to pain or injuries and how to alleviate them.
    • Personal & family medical history – exploring patterns or past trauma you may still be carrying with you.
    • Current medication or supplements and the effects these may be having on your body
    • Physical & emotional trauma that you may be holding onto – providing you with the support to be able to work through it.
    • A full analysis of your current diet and a complete plan based on your physical state / doshic imbalances. This will include exactly what foods do/don’t serve you, a daily meal planner, medicinal herbs & spices that will assist your healing journey and guidance on Ayurvedic cooking techniques & how to eat seasonally.
    • A full analysis of your current lifestyle practices including your sleeping behaviours, energy levels, work / social life, exercise routine, hobbies & creative expression.
    • How the relationships in your life do / don’t serve you.
    • Spiritual practices that will allow you to calm your mind, reconcile with your past and allow your body to heal naturally.
    • The state of your elimination processes determines how well you are absorbing nutrients from your food and if you are able to eliminate waste efficiently so that it does not become toxic.

    Our ability to digest food is one of the strongest reflections of our state of health.

    “It is well known that the health of an individual depends on the proper strength of their digestive power”


    Uncover your personalised Ayurvedic Lifestyle Plan

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      Who Should Receive a Consultation?

      Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning? Lack the energy to get through the day? Experience sugar-cravings or other addictions? Have trouble sleeping, or eliminating waste efficiently? Unsure of what, when, how to cook wholesome nutritious food that satisfies your mind, body & soul?

      Whether you suffer from health ailments or not, Ayurveda is a beautiful way of living that can impart the tools to heal yourself naturally and establish a way of living that prevents disease from occurring.

      Our main focus is on balancing the doshas, centring the mind and improving the digestive fire (agni).

      Consultation Process

      All consultations will require your time, effort, energy & commitment.

      I will ask that you keep a private journal to reflect on your eating & sleeping behaviours, elimination processes and tune-in to any thoughts or feelings that arise when we allow ourselves the time to honestly connect our subconscious with our conscious.

      I will send you an online form so that you can review all of the elements we will be exploring.

      You can complete this in your own time. It is more important that you answer the questions honestly rather than skipping through them or guessing.

      Pause, tune-in and allow yourself to find the answer.

      Once you have completed the form, I will go over every detail and construct a highly personalised plan for you – offering Ayurvedic suggestions for all facets of your life.

      The plan will be beautifully designed and curated just for you.

      You will have the option to receive it via post, along with herbal medicines that I prescribe. Alternatively, I can email you a virtual copy.

      Please keep in mind – Ayurveda is not a diet.

      It is a lifestyle that will arm you with the tools you need to…

      • Cultivate a healthy relationship with food
      • Heal and prevent disease through the use of medicinal plant-food & meditation
      • Implement a daily routine of ritual and romance into your life
      • Create a life of balance, harmony and inner peace


      1 off onsultation
      $ 140

      This includes an email version of your plan.

      A printed plan and medicinal herbs are available & prices will be based on your prescription.

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      Follow up consultations (online)
      $ 90

      Follow up consultations are designed to empower you as you master the Art of Living.

      They offer an opportunity to provide ongoing support, education and guidance to assist you.

      We will assess your progress, review changes to your symptoms and update your plan to reflect this.

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      On-going support
      $ 40

      Initial consultation / first month: $140  >  $40 per month ongoing

      After every 3 months, you will receive a follow-up consultation where we will review your thoughts, feelings, physical, emotional and spiritual progress.

      You will also receive:

      • Revised meal planner & lifestyle practices based on seasonal changes
      • Access to regular support – unlimited email access to me with any questions, any time.
      • Access to a private Facebook community to connect with like-minded souls, express thoughts & feelings, ask questions, receive interesting articles and insights as well as inspiration, new recipes, and lots of love.

      Accountability often helps us to stay on track, show up and put our practice into action.

      *There is no minimum commitment, you can leave any time. Please note you must have been with us for 3 months after your last consultation to receive each review.

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      Uncover your personalised Ayurvedic Lifestyle Plan

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