Ayu ‘life’ // Veda ‘science’
The Science of Life • The Art of Living

Ayurvedic Philosophy

Ayurveda originated in India and dates back thousands of years BC.

It is the first-ever documented system of health care.

An ancient tradition that is based upon the relationship between the mind, body, soul and emotions.

Inclusive of Diet & lifestyle practices that work in harmony with the elements (Doshas), as well as nature and the seasons.

Ayurveda is deeply rooted in the notion of ‘Ahimsa’ or the philosophy of non-violence centred around respect for all sentient beings and practices focused on sustainability.

As a whole, Ayurveda is the combination of vegetarianism, plant medicine, yoga, meditation, compassion and spirituality.

Medicine & diet are seen as complementary rather than separate. Ayurveda believes in prevention over cure.

Ayurveda is more than just a way of living, it is the ‘Art of Living’.


A Deeper Look at Disease...

Ayurveda believes that the relationship between our mind, body, soul and emotions – establishes our state of being. We can have a perfect diet, but if our mind or emotions are in a state of distress, this will manifest itself in the physical form and appear as disease.

Disease does not happen to us, nor does it occur overnight.

It is usually a reaction to a long-term diet and/or lifestyle that is destructive.

There are cases where disease can come from external causes or karmic factors but these are rare.

In modern culture, we immediately want to numb the symptoms of disease – opting for pharmaceutical drugs that will relieve us of the unpleasant side-effects of becoming ill.

This is not the solution.

We must embrace & celebrate our bodies ability to communicate with us in order to tell us that our current lifestyle practices are not serving us and that it’s time to reflect & re-centre.

Ayurveda defines a healthy person or ‘Swastha’ as possessing balanced Doshas, a strong digestive fire & elimination processes, fully functioning bodily processes, strong tissues, and most importantly – the mind, body, soul and emotions must be happy, content & satisfied. Only then can health reside in you.

-Sushruta Samhita 800BC

Ayurveda offers us the knowledge to cultivate a life of freedom, health, vitality, creativity and compassion – for ourselves, our community, all sentient beings and the planet.


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